The fellowship program of Alpha Zeta is designed to develop long lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood to carry brothers beyond their years at the University of Kentucky. Brothers participate in over 150 fellowship events each semester in our organization that boasts over 300 students of unique heritage and identity. We understand that with an organization as diverse as Alpha Phi Omega, we have to present similarly diverse opportunities to foster brotherly bonding. We address this by catering to our four main Pillars of Fellowship (Athletic, Leisure, Intellectual, and Emotional) through events including intramural sports, restaurant nights, study groups, and movie discussions that are capped off by our semesterly formal ball and pledge retreat.

To us, the fellowship Alpha Phi Omega offers goes beyond simply having people that will do things with you. Alpha Phi Omega believes in the philosophy of “the best way to have friend is to be a friend”, forming a network of support that dives deeper. It is having a shoulder to cry on in dismay; it is having a roaring sea of fans in elation; and it is having a sense of direction in uncertainty. When describing the atmosphere of Alpha Phi Omega, brothers often use terms like ‘family’ and ‘home’, and, if you join us, you will feel why!

Yours in Leadership, Friendship, and Service,
Lydia Fletcher and Phoenix Delaney
Vice Presidents of Fellowship 2019-2020