Alpha Zeta & Beyond

Alpha Zeta was rechartered on UK’s campus in 1994 and has since been active for nearly 25 years. We have brothers from all different backgrounds who come together for our three cardinal principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service. However, our chapter is much more than just those three words. Many brothers in Alpha Zeta look to this great organization as their second family, second home, and a direct source of happiness and support.

An important part of Alpha Phi Omega is the Interchapter aspect where meaningful relationships are fostered with brothers from other universities. Alpha Zeta extends far beyond UK to our section, region, and the national level. Our chapter is part of the newly formed Region I which includes universities in Kentucky, Tennessee, and parts of West Virginia. Within this region, we fall into Section I3, which currently includes chapters at Eastern Kentucky University (Alpha Zeta Kappa), Marshall University (Eta Upsilon), and Morehead State University (Alpha Theta Beta).

The relationships between Alpha Zeta and other chapters can be built through conferences as well as less formal leadership, friendship, and service events. In our previous section we had a large presence which will hopefully continue as we get to know our new section. On a national level, Alpha Zeta is recognized upon receiving the Grossi Man Mile award at the 2018 National Convention. We were able to send 33 brothers to Austin, Texas and that achievement didn’t go unnoticed.

With the recent realignment, our chapter has the potential to expand and share our values with surrounding chapters. The values and principles we share within Alpha Phi Omega are ever-present in Alpha Zeta. Students and alumni are able to find solace in this chapter, and we are so fortunate to have over 250 brothers willing and eager to be leaders and serve the community, the nation, and each other.