Our mission is to prepare campus and community leaders through service. We do this by providing service opportunities in four primary regards: service to the nation, community, campus, and fraternity. Over the course of the last academic year (2017 – 2018), our brothers completed a total of 11,950 hours of community service, with the distribution being 1878 to the nation, 2102 to the fraternity, 7031 to the community, and 939 to the campus. In order to manage a program this large, Alpha Zeta at the University of Kentucky must effectively delegate responsibility among a service committee, comprised of 23 chairs and liaisons. The committee manages longstanding partnerships with more than 40 local nonprofits and community-oriented organizations (linked here). Alpha Zeta’s service program is even being recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky on March 6th, 2019 and will be receiving the Governor’s Service Award in the groups category!

Personally speaking, APO has had immeasurable impacts on our college careers, growing our abilities to empathize, broadening our perspective of social issues, and fostering the growth of our leadership skills through service-based learning. APO has given us opportunities to reduce food insecurity through Campus Kitchens, support women and children in crisis through The Nest, and cook meals for those battling cancer through The Hope Lodge (on top of many, many others), but it also has given us the opportunity to expand our worldview and cultivate a sincere compassion for the wellbeing of our community at-large. The Alpha Phi Omega – Alpha Zeta chapter has made a significant impact on both the Lexington community and its community of brothers, and we hope you consider joining us in our philanthropic efforts!

Yours in Leadership, Friendship, and Service,
Emma Vallee and Jason Zheng
Vice Presidents of Service 2019-2020