Why I Joined APO

By Caylee Marshall:


I rushed APO on a whim. I had one friend who suggested that I try it out since I wasn’t involved in much else. I was extremely nervous to attend the events but was pleasantly surprised with the people I met. I went to a service event first rather than an information session because service was what I was interested in. I showed up to the event and worked alongside an active brother for an hour or so cleaning the Hope Lodge. We discussed what APO was like and the time commitment required and why I should join. I will always remember this event and the first person that welcomed me into APO. She was the one that convinced me that APO would be a good fit for me. She was so kind and humble and welcoming that I figured I couldn’t go wrong joining this group. Fast forward and as I was going through my pledge semester, I went to my very first a chapter meeting. It came as a shock to me to find that the person running the meeting, the president, was the wonderful person that I had done my very first service event with. I think this interaction really shows the true nature of APO. Everyone from the president to the new members are so humble and giving that you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference between their positions. APO is truly a servant leadership organization. The members of APO want to give back and invest in everyone they meet because they hope to see a change in the world. This sense of humility has changed the way that I look at the world and has encouraged me to become better so that I can change the world too.

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