Why I Joined APO

By Jamya Spencer:


The Fall 2018 semester was my first semester at the University of Kentucky. When I first arrived at UK, I wasn’t very familiar with the organizations on campus. I didn’t find out about APO until I attended the Fusion service event during K Week. There were several brothers in my Fusion group who were extremely friendly and excited about the service that we were doing. After the service was over, they encouraged my friends and I to attend an APO info-session and an APO restaurant night.

At the info-session, I learned more about what APO was about, and I really started to consider joining. I really liked what APO’s values and I thought that joining would be a great way for me to start getting involved on campus. However, what made me sure that I should join APO was the restaurant night. I was able to meet a lot of APO members during this event. Again, everyone was so friendly and welcoming! I knew then that APO was an organization with which I wanted to be involved.

While I do love the service aspect of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity, the friendships that I formed were what really made me eager to become part of the organization. I would also say that my interactions with the people is what made me stay in APO. For me, my APO brothers who I have really gotten to know have become like family members to me. I know that they are people who I can go to during both good times and bad.

I am very happy that I joined APO. In addition to making lifelong friends, I have also been able to become more active in the Lexington community through my membership in the fraternity. My membership in Alpha Phi Omega has made my first year in college memorable and I know that APO as a whole will continue to enhance the rest of my college experience.   

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