An AmAZing Journey!

By Lauren Sammons:


Alpha Phi Omega is a brotherhood I am so grateful to be apart of. As an out-of-state student, it was important to me to find a family here at University of Kentucky. I had heard about APO my senior year of high school as I had a friend in APO at UK and heard wonderful things. As someone who loves service, I knew it would be an organization I would pursue when I arrived. My first semester I missed the rush period by a few days and was determine to rush the following semester. The Spring of 2018 was when I first pledged. I met so many incredible people and formed lasting friendships with other pledges, actives, and officers. However, I had some medical issues through the semester and was kept from completing my pledging. I was so devastated because I had been so excited to be active. Thankfully, several actives and one of my pledge trainers encouraged me to finish my pledging in the Fall. Returning back to school as a sophomore in the fall of 2018, I was able to finish my pledging process and become active! As I look back at the long journey thus far with APO, many blessings came from my extended time. I was able to grow close and form friendships with two of the pledge classes, attend additional activities, and the continued encouragement I received validated my desire for having a family here. This semester I was able to be a big, and was gifted with an incredible little. This is another experience that has extended my love for APO. Now, I can confidently say that I have a home at UK, and it is with an amAZing group of brothers!

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