To the People Who Did Service

I am not quite sure how one campus organization managed to round up all the best people at UK, but Alpha Phi Omega managed to do just that. I rushed my second semester of my freshman year not knowing what it was other than it was a bunch of people who did service on campus. Little did I know that the “people who did service” would become some of the biggest influencers and motivators in my life.

I have been in APO for a year now and I know the people in this organization have truly had a lasting impact on me. My APO family, especially, has changed me in ways that I cannot explain. They have cultivated in me a confidence in myself and a passion for service that I can never repay them for. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and chase my dreams and to go change the world. That is what this organization means to me. APO is full of world changers. The work we are doing now is going to leave a lasting impact and for that I am forever grateful to be part of it.


I like to keep a journal to record how I am feeling and after the last meeting of my pledge semester I wrote, “My passion for this organization has never burned so bright. APO has pushed me to be better. They make me want to be kinder, to be a leader, to be a servant, to be a friend, and so much more. Thank you APO for making me tear down my prejudices. Thank you APO for accepting me as I am. I am ever so thankful for APO and the blessings I have received from this organization.” These words still ring true a semester later, and I have a feeling they will every semester from here on out. I do not have enough words to explain what Alpha Phi Omega has meant to me. I just want to say thank you to the ones who embraced me into this glorious circle of brotherhood and those who have gently nudged me along in my journey. You all have made it so worth the time and passion put in and have forever made me a better version of myself.

Written by Caylee Marshall

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